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Our themes are listed below.

Take your pick from a selection of shows in various categories.

We’ve got Classic Murder Mystery themes, Parody Murder Mystery themes, our selection of Seasonal Murder Mystery themes and even a handful of shows whose themes defy categorisation but might be JUST what you’re looking for.

And if what you really want isn’t here drop us a line about creating a bespoke script just for you.

Scotland’s leading Murder Mystery company – Can You Catch the Killer – invite you to attend a truly unique evening. Sit back and relax as we perform a side splitting opening act, then get involved in the action as you get the chance to interrogate each suspect in a terrible murder! It’s an evening like no other with a story you’ll never forget.

Here’s the case detective…


Too many themes to choose from?
These are the themes that have been most popular over the past 12 months, and proven themselves the most beloved among our audiences. 

The promotional picture for Mrs Peacock's Feathers, a murder mystery by Can You Catch The Killer


Cluedo Theme


Murder in the Manor Theme

The promotional image for The Lost Soul of The Lingering Laird a murder mystery by Can You Catch The Killer


Haunted Scottish Castle Theme


Scottish Theme


When you hear “murder mystery” you might well think of wealthy and powerful people with over the top accents being thwarted by ingenious detectives. You might think Cluedo. You might think hardboiled noir private eyes. Our classic themes are just what you’re looking for.

Murder Mystery events company Scotland theme Mind Your Manors thumb
Murder Mystery events company Scotland theme Malteaser Falcon Thumb
Murder Mystery events company Scotland theme Mrs Peacock's feathers thumb
Victorian murder mystery event
Murder Mystery events company Scotland theme Doomed Groom Thumb
Murder mystery company summer events actress

MIND YOUR MANORS: Lord Cluckington of Cluckington Hall has recently purchased an exceptional work of art. It’s going to be unveiled tonight at his stately manor home by the artist himself. Dove the maid is skulking around in a mood, and something seems to be bothering Arthur the art connoisseur. None of that is a huge problem though. What might be an issue is the dead body in the master bedroom. It’s up to you to solve this classy upstairs/downstairs style mystery!

Good for: Everyone! We highly recommend this mystery or Mrs Peacock’s Feathers if you’ve never been to or hired a Can You Catch The Killer Mystery before

THE MALTEASER FALCON: Jackson Jones private eye for hire has bitten off more than he can chew. he’s got a new case to track down a priceless statue for the alluring Miss Quickly, but he’s being hounded at every turn by corrupt cop Marshall Law. What’s more, things have taken a bit of a dark turn: he’s got a dead body on his hands… and to make matters worse, he’s a suspect in the murder. It’s a noir mystery that only you can solve, and if it helps you can imagine it’s in black and white!

Good for: Fans of film noir detective stories and black and white murder mystery classics.

MRS PEACOCK’S FEATHERS: Welcome to the mansion of the mysterious and elusive Mrs Peacock, where some unsavoury looking guests have gathered. The Reverend seems a little green around the gills, the Colonel doesn’t really care for mustard and Mrs White is looking a bit pale to say the least. With all these odd characters around… is it any wonder that someone has turned up dead? It’s up to you to get to the bottom of this classic Cluedo themed mystery!

Good for: Everyone! We highly recommend this mystery or Mind Your Manors if you’ve never been to or hired a Can You Catch The Killer Mystery before

Victorian murder mystery eventMEMENTO MORI: Hortense Higgins is taking the death of her mother in the traditional Victorian way… terribly. Her depressed wailing is so over the top it’s threatening to ruin the whole funeral. To add insult to injury her mother’s eulogy has been gate-crashed by a mob of courters who want to win her sister’s hand in marriage. Unbeknownst to them though, Hortense’s sister is in fact just as dead as her mother and stuffed in a nearby coffin. It’s up to you to solve this very Victorian murder!

Good for: People who are into eccentric Victorian stories, and who like a bit of a challenge. This mystery is a bit tougher and might be best for an audience who have seen a Can You Catch The Killer show before and know the ropes.

THE DOOMED GROOM: It’s the stag do of the famous horse groom Paul Perfect, and everything is going fantastically in the build up to the big day. Everyone is so happy, not even the horses have long faces. The best man has got the drinks in, the stags are all ready to party… there’s only one thing missing: The stag himself! This close to the wedding there can only be two possible explanations. It’s either cold feet, or cold blooded murder. It’s up to you to crack this case, and with so many suspects jockeying for position there will be no time for horse-play.

Good for: People who are soon to be married, who like horses/horse riding, or who like a BIG challenge. This mystery is one of our hardest and might be best for an audience who have seen a few Can You Catch The Killer shows before and know the ropes.

Murder mystery company summer events actressTHE MIDDLE OF SUMMER MURDERS: Famous gardener Artie Choke is hosting this years Annual Fruit, Flower and Vegetable Competition, and as the reigning champion he has a lot riding on it. But the yearly aubergine measuring contest is about to be interrupted by the shocking untimely demise of none other than Helen Waite, the judge of the competition herself. Who could have done this? It’s up to you to solve this heinous murder and catch the killer red handed… or at least green thumbed.

Good for: Anyone! Works best in the summer time!


These themes are for the true fans! Want to crack a case at your favourite wizard school? Or in a galaxy far far away? Want to become a double 0 agent? Or a pirate? Look no further.

Harry Potter Wizard School murder mystery actress
Murder Mystery events company Scotland theme Pirates Thumb
Murder Mystery events company Scotland theme James Bond Thumb
Sherlock Holmes murder mystery actor
Jedi Star Wars murder mystery actor

Harry Potter Wizard School murder mystery actressMURDER AT WIZARD SCHOOL: Welcome to Wizard School. Aspiring Wizards from each of the four houses are here learning to defend themselves in the face of renewed rumors about dark wizards that are being whispered amongst the students and faculty. Could this herald the return of You-Know-Who? Something is amiss at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and when someone turns up dead at a school for magic it takes a lot more than a normal detective to solve it. It takes someone who really knows a Gryphon from a Hippogriff!

Good for: fans of Harry Potter. A basic knowledge of Harry Potter it’s essential to properly understand and enjoy this show. You don’t need to be an EXPERT, but you need to know a wee bit at least.
This is an unofficial comedy parody and not affiliated with the books or films.

THE OTHER PIRATES FROM THE CARIBBEAN: Yarr, ye’ve all heard of the Pirates of the Caribbean… well, these be the OTHER ones. Jim Magpie be the first mate of the Black Diamond and his scurvy crew be trying to smuggle some contraband to the most hazardous place in all the seven seas… Ayrshire! But captain Barbarossa has been missing for a while and it’s becoming fairly clear that he ain’t coming back. Something smells fishy here. It be up to you to get to the bottom of this murder, saavy? Even if ye are a landlubber…

Good for: anyone who likes pirates! You don’t need to have a knowledge of the film series this show is parodying to enjoy it. This mystery is one of our tougher ones so if you book it be prepared for a challenge. 

THE FUTURISTIC KILLER: Legendary agent JAMES BOND is on the hunt for a killer. Someone has jumped Q. M is nowhere to be seen and everyone else’s name is actually a number! But it’s not as simple as finding out if the murder was committed by 002 or 009… Bond himself is a suspect. And a license to kill won’t get him out of this one! This is where you come in detective… can you really solve a murder that 007 himself can’t? And do you have what it take to outwit him if your worst fears are realised and the legendary spy has turned murderer?

Good for: fans of James Bond. A very basic knowledge of James Bond will help – but you don’t need to have an encyclopedic knowledge, just the bare necessities will get you through. If you know who James Bond is… you’ll probably be fine.

Sherlock Holmes murder mystery actorTHE UNSEEN BLADE: There’s been a murder… but not to worry, Master detective Sherlock Holmes is on the case! The one snag? The dead body looks a great deal like master detective Sherlock Holmes as well. Clearly something is amiss, and when Holmes can’t be trusted to be who he says he is it’s down to YOU to discover who the killer is.  It would also be quite helpful if you figured out who was actually dead, while you’re at it. Will you find the answer to be elementary? Or will your answer be so embarrassing your face will be a study in scarlet?

Good for: Being a fan of Sherlock Holmes will help but isn’t essential, it’s all explained within the show. Be aware this mystery is one of our hardest, so if you book it you really do have to be a master detective!

Jedi Star Wars murder mystery actorSPACE FIGHTS: A wee while ago, in a galaxy quite far off…
You’re at a training academy for some of the most powerful warriors in the galaxy. Here masters and their apprentices are learning the sabre skills and mind tricks that will help them bring balance once again! But when a revered master turns up dead it’s up to you to figure out who’s turned to the dark side. Do or do not, there is no try. We need to stop this killer, even if it means using force.

Good for: fans of Star Wars. A decent knowledge of Star Wars it’s essential to properly understand and enjoy this show. You don’t need to be an EXPERT, but it’ll help a lot if you’ve at least seen the first six films.
This is an unofficial parody comedy and is not affiliated with the films, TV shows, etc. 


So you’re looking for something special to do for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s day or Easter? What could be more special than solving an hilarious seasonal murder mystery?

A haggis stabbed by a sgian dubh representing the show The Best Laid Scheme O' Mice and Murder
Valentine's day murder mystery event
Murder Mystery events company Scotland theme Hot Cross Easter Bunny thumb
A murder mystery event actor dressed as a zombie holds a skull
Murder mystery company halloween thumbnail
Murder mystery company christmas elf

the logo for the murder mystery "The Best Laid Scheme O Mice and Murder"A haggis stabbed by a sgian dubh representing the show The Best Laid Scheme O' Mice and MurderTHE BEST LAID SCHEME O’ MICE AND MURDER: Big Mac owns the Fiddle, a pub in Ayrshire. Why’s it called The Fiddle? It’s a vile inn.
A wealthy entrepreneur, Dugray Burns the Third, has booked out the pub’s function room for a very exclusive Burns supper. Mac isn’t a fan of the pretentious Dugray, but he certainly needs the money! What could possibly go wrong?
The haggis has been addressed, the neeps and tatties are ready and raring to go, there’s only one thing missing… the guest of honour. A direct descendant of the bard himself has turned up dead! It’s up to you to crack the case… for auld lang syne.

Good for: Burns Night or any lovers of Robert Burns!

Valentine's day murder mystery eventLOVE HURTS: Love really brings out the best in people. Their caring, nurturing, delicate side. So it makes sense that unrequited love does the opposite…
It’s Valentine’s day, there’s romance in the air, and in a dusty old bookshop called Love Stories there’s a man that everyone seems to be looking for at this time of year: Mr Right. Unfortunatly his first name is “Never”. Amoungst the dusty romance novels in Mr Right’s book shop there may well be some treasures to be found. But this Valentine’s day mystery isn’t all about love and soppy stuff. Amid all the cards, calorific chocolate and overpriced roses something terrible has happened! There’s been a murder! And only YOU can solve it.

Good for: Valentine’s day!

THE HOT CROSS EASTER BUNNY: At Allmart shopping center they REALLY know how to celebrate Easter. Every year the staff have the pleasure of performing in an Easter Grotto. But with the big event only a few days away and most people already packed full of chocolate, what can the staff of Allmart do when their star performer is found dead?
Who’s rabbit foot wasn’t so lucky after all? Who’s seen Fatal Attaction too many times? Can you crack this Easter Extravaganza of a mystery before you crack into your Easter eggs?

Good for: Easter!

A murder mystery event actor dressed as a zombie holds a skullFRIGHT NIGHT AT THE HALLOWEEN HOTEL: The Abandon Hope Hotel is no normal BnB, and it’s not the kind of place you’d find on Tripadvisor… Most of the guests are people who got lost in the night, caught in a lightning storm or had mysterious car troubles and found the Abandon Hope to be the only shelter nearby. The full moon is coming, there are bats in the turrets and the staff all have their own monstrous secrets to hide. To be honest the fact that someone is dead doesn’t seem to be that much of a surprise at all… unfortunatly this macabre murder could spell the end for the hotel. With all the ghoulish activity going on and with terrifying creatures hiding behind every smiling face it’s up to YOU to find out who killed Norman Hugh Mann the normal human.

Good for: Halloween for a LARGE audience. This theme only comes as a four actor show, which means it is more expensive, and is meant for large audiences. For smaller Halloween events please see “The Lost Soul of the Lingering Laird.”

Murder mystery company halloween thumbnailTHE LOST SOUL OF THE LINGERING LAIRD: Welcome to Dougalzean – possibly the most haunted castle in the whole of Scotland… maybe even the world. There’s a new ghost haunting this creepy castle. As though it wasn’t spooky enough to have legends of ghosts hiding in the caves below your feet, or the phantom bagpiper who’s mournful music haunts the night, now there are reports of a terrifying screaming spook in a kilt.
Could this be the ghost of a long lost Laird? A team of American ghost hunters, headed by psychic investigator Simon Kick, is here to find out. But when someone shows up mysteriously dead the question is: was this a sinister act from a disgruntled spirit, or a cold blooded murder? It’s up to YOU to find out who made the gardener kick the bucket and whether Simon should give up the ghost.

Good for: Halloween!

Murder mystery company christmas elfSLAY BELLS RING: In a workshop at the North Pole some happy little Christmas elves are busy making toys for good girls and boys. It’s the most magical time of the year… but you know what they say? Sometimes, Christmas can be murder. Tensions are running high among stressed elves who really really don’t want to disappoint their magical boss. But when one of these spritely toy makers turns up mysteriously dead its up to you to determine if it was a cold blooded murder… or all done in Elf Defence.
Enjoy some dastardly deeds with a festive twist in the REAL tinsel town.

Good for: Christmas!


These themes defy categorisation, and each are as unique as you are!

Murder Mystery events company Scotland theme Five ways to die thumbnail
Murder Mystery events company Scotland theme Perisan Prince Thumbnail
Rock band thumbnail murder mystery company
Murder mystery scotland theme strictly come killing
Murder Mystery themes actor - murder mystery events company
A blue diamond symbolising the Who Dunit mystery Take This Ring

AT LEAST FIVE WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST: Yeehaw!  Howdy pardners! Welcome to our sleepy town in the wild west… well, it’s usually sleepy. The Sheriff keeps things under control. Unfortunately the sheriff has just been found dead, and without him watching over the town anyone could ride in from the desert. Things ain’t looking as peachy as they usually do – so guess what? You’ve just been deputised. Grab a six shooter and a pointy badge, because it’s up to you to catch the varmint that did this! Test your skills as a man or woman of the law in this wild west themed show.

Good for: people looking for a highly themed Cowboy mystery.

THE PERSIAN PRINCE: There’s been an incredible archaeological discovery, and someone has to claim it first. Adventurers from around the world have gathered in Persia where the mythical cave of Ali Baba has been discovered. There’s an American tomb raider, a British explorer and a Persian royal adventurer all fighting to be the first to claim what remains of Ali Baba’s remains! What could over shadow this momentous occasion? Nothing less than the sudden murder of the Prince of Persia himself. It’s up to YOU to crack this case before the identity of the killer is lost to the sands of time.

Good for: Fans of tomb raider, Arabian Nights, Prince of Persia. Be aware this mystery is VERY difficult and is probably best suited to people who have seen a few Can You Catch The Killer shows before.

Rock band thumbnail murder mystery companyGETTING BLOOD FROM A ROCK BAND: Rock fans! Welcome to the backstage area during a gig of the rock band DUVET – the lead singer is a heavy metal valkyrie, the drummer is so stupid he takes a ruler to bed to see how long he sleeps, the bassist is love sick and might quit… if he thought anyone would notice. And the lead guitarist? mysteriously missing. Hey, that’s rock ‘n’ roll right? You can’t expect a rock star to stick to the schedule.
Trouble is Ron Kords the lead guitarist isn’t just late, he’s LATE. There’s been a murder. And only YOU can get to the bottom of it. Can you crack this rock ‘n’ roll mystery?

Good for: All you rock stars! If you’re a fan of rock music this plot is probably for you. If you’re looking for a more generalised mystery it might not be!

Murder mystery scotland theme strictly come killingSTRICTLY COME KILLING: It’s the opening round of this years Strict Ballroom Dancing, the annual reality TV extravaganza that sees all manner of people strut their stuff on the dance floor for the approval of four famous judges. And who are those judges? A washed up comedian, a retired boxer, a once great dancer who failed due to injury… there’s a lot of tension between these Z list celebrities, and a great deal of backstabbing going on back stage.
But tonight backstabbing has taken a more literal meaning. The only truly famous judge – superstar dancer Patti O’Door – is missing… and if the shifty looks on the other three judges faces is anything to go by she’s not just running late! Looks like the Strictly Curse has struck in a new and unexpected way this year.
It’s up to YOU to get to the bottom of this horrifying murder. If you don’t… then there might not even BE a Strictly this year!

Good for: Anyone! This mystery doesn’t require any prior knowledge of Strictly Come Dancing and is a great mystery for hen parties. 

Murder Mystery themes actor - murder mystery events companyMurder mystery scotland theme gangsters and gatsbyGANGSTERS AND GATSBY: Welcome to the roaring 20’s and home of the Great Gatsby, where some of New York’s most notorious gangsters are gathered. Jimmy Fingers is making a power grab. Frankie the Cowboy has beef with everyone. Hayley MeLone just wants someone to love her. The liquor and the laughs are flowing freely. But when Gatsby himself turns up dead, it’ll be up to you to figure out which of these seedy criminals did the deed!

Good for: Fans of the roaring 20’s and the Great Gatsby. Be aware this mystery is a wee bit tricky and it might help to have seen a Can You Catch The Killer show in the past before attempting this one. If you’re looking for a good first murder mystery, but still still want it to be set in the 1920s, consider Mind Your Manors!

A blue diamond symbolising the Who Dunit mystery Take This RingThe logo for the Who Dunnit mystery Take This Ring TAKE THIS RING: A MURDERLESS MYSTERY! We know that not all situations are really ideal for a MURDER mystery. Some people don’t want to talk about dead bodies on their wedding day or at their birthday party… each to their own!
Fortunately, we have a solution.
Our new MURDERLESS MYSTERY is available to book for your event. All the fun, puns, team work, and problem solving of our usual shows, but without any of that messy murder business.
We are proud to present, new from Can You Catch The Killer: CAN YOU CRACK THE CASE?
All the mystery, none of the murder.

It’s the eve of Adora and Rich’s wedding, and magic is in the air. The only trouble is someone has made off with the wedding ring, a priceless family heirloom passed down through generations of the Slam family. Who has stolen the ring that Gran Slam was going to pass on to Adora, and why?

Can You Crack the Case logo


Good for: people who don’t want any mention of murder or death at their event but do still want a fun challenging mystery that’s suitable for all ages.


Watch events unfold in a professionally performed play and then flex your detective skills and have your chance to interrogate each suspect in turn!

Bring a team or come on your own. 

Fun, funny, mysterious and a good night for all.

YOU interrogate the suspects. YOU piece together the clues. YOU make the accusations.

Can YOU catch the killer?

Murder Mystery Themes actress - murder mystery events company

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