Our Themes

Below is a list of the titles of our existing scripts as well as an indicator of the theme.
If you’re looking for a theme not listed we offer bespoke tailored scripts and can discuss this with you.

The award winning CAN YOU CATCH THE KILLER? – Scotland’s highest quality and most prolific interactive murder mystery game where it’s up to YOU to prove your worth as a detective by solving a heinous killing – brings you…

Detectives! You’re under cover at the annual Fruit, Flower and Vegetable festival where three hopeful contestants are trying to win the acclaim of being crowned the winner. But with tensions this high it may come as no surprise that someone will soon end up dead!

Detectives! You’re under cover at the mansion of the mysterious and elusive Mrs Peacock – and she’s invited some guests! The Reverend seems a little green around the gills, the Colonel doesn’t really care for mustard and the lady in scarlet doesn’t seem like she can be trusted at all. With all these unsavoury characters around… is it any wonder that someone has turned up dead?

THE DOOMED GROOM (Horse racing/hen do/general)
Detectives! You’re undercover at the stag do of the famous horse groom Paul Perfect! The best man has got the drinks in, the stags are all ready to party… there’s only one thing missing. The stag himself! This close to the wedding there can only be two possible explanations: cold feet, or cold blooded murder!

MEMENTO MORI (Victorian/general)
In the Victorian era death was serious business… but when the daughter of a serious business women is found dead in a mort safe and her suitors are the suspects it can only mean trouble. Particularly when the poor deceased girl has a note in her hand that reads “true love never dies”… Who could have done this?

Calling all Aurors! You’re under cover at a meeting of the newly reinstated Dumbledore’s Army. Aspiring Wizards from each of the four houses are here learning to defend themselves in the face of renewed rumors about dark wizards and death eaters that are being whispered amongst the people of Hogsmead.
Something is amiss at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and when someone turns up dead at a school for magic it takes a lot more than a normal detective to solve it. It takes someone who really knows a snitch from a niffler!

Legendary agent JAMES BOND is on the hunt for a killer. Someone has jumped Q. M is nowhere to be seen and everyone else’s name is actually a number! But it’s not as simple as finding out if the murder was committed by 002 or 009… Bond himself is a suspect. And a license to kill won’t get him out of this one!

SPACE FIGHTS (Star Wars) Available 2019
A wee while ago, in a galaxy quite far off…
You’re at a training academy for some of the most powerful warriors in the galaxy. Here masters and their apprentices are learning the sabre skills and mind tricks that will help them bring balance once again! But when a revered master turns up dead it’s up to you to figure out who’s turned to the dark side, after all – someone so skilled doesn’t just simply up and je-die of natural causes! We need to stop this killer, even if it means using force.

FINAL FRONTIER (Star Trek) Available late 2019
Captains log, star date… umm.. Friday. These are the voyages of the Star Ship Frontier, Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before... but we weren’t expecting a murder on the ship. A crew member is dead and it’s not just a nameless redshirt! We’ll need to weed out the killer if we’re to continue our trek through the stars!

FRIGHT NIGHT AT THE HALLOWEEN HOTEL (Halloween/spooky/Friday 13th)
Detectives! You’re under cover at an extremely creepy hotel. Most of the guests are people who got lost in the night, caught in a lightning storm or had mysterious car troubles and found the Abandon Hope to be the only shelter nearby. The full moon is coming, there are bats in the turrets and the staff all have their own monstrous secrets to hide. To be honest the fact that someone is dead doesn’t seem to be that much of a surprise at all… But with all the ghoulish activity going on and with terrifying creatures hiding behind every smiling face, will you be brave enough to find out who the killer was?

Yeehaw!  Howdy pardners! Welcome to our sleepy town in the wild west… well, it’s usually sleepy. The Sheriff keeps things under control. Unfortunately the sheriff has just been found dead… and without him watching over the town anyone could ride in from the desert… 
Who could have done this?

A disgraced cop who couldn’t play by the rules and turned private eye. A lady in red with a problem that needs solved. A lot of people that can’t help but vocalise their internal monologues… and of course, a dead body. It’s a noir mystery that only you can solve, and if it helps you can imagine it’s in black and white!

Yaaaaar there be murder afoot on the high seas! One of the crew has turned up far less alive than they previously was and it be up to you to find out who done it, saavy? Be wary, and be wise and most of all beware, for there be no honour ‘mongst pirates!

MIND YOUR MANORS (Upstairs-downstairs murder in the manor)
It’s the classic murder mystery scenario… a stately house, a suspicious butler, a distressed maid, a spoilt heir and you… the detective here to solve a terrifying murder. There’s more going on in this house then there seems. It’s not just a case of upstairs/downstairs… more upstairs and six feet under.

THE PHANTOM MURDER (Phantom of the Opera/theatre)
Detectives! You’re under cover at a theatre that is alleged to be haunted by the mysterious Phantom. But today is audition day and a group of actors have gathered to try their hand at getting a part. You might argue it’s not uncommon for actors to stab each other in the back… or for them to die on stage… but this time these aren’t metaphors, there’s been a murder!

THE PERSIAN PRINCE (1001 Arabian Nights/general)
Detectives! You’re under cover at an incredible archaeological discovery! Adventurers from around the world have gathered in Persia where the mythical cave of Ali Baba has been discovered. What could over shadow this momentous occasion? Nothing less than the sudden murder of the Prince of Persia himself!

THE LOST SOUL OF THE LINGERING LAIRD (Scottish castle/ghosts/spooky)
Detectives! You’re under cover at possibly the most haunted castle in the whole of Scotland… maybe even the world, and there’s a new ghost on the scene. As though it’s not spooky enough to have legends of ghosts hiding in the caves below your feet, or the phantom bagpiper who’s mournful music haunts the night, or the ethereal maid that stalks the castle, now there are reports of a terrifying screaming spook in a kilt!
Could this be the ghost of a long lost Laird? A team of ghost hunters is here to find out… but when someone shows up mysteriously dead the question is was this a sinister act from a disgruntled spirit, or a cold blooded murder?

Detectives! You’re undercover in Allmart shopping center where they REALLY know how to celebrate Easter!  After all, the big event is only a few days away and already most people are packed full of chocolate! But when a very familiar figure is found mysteriously dead the fate of Easter hangs in the balance! Who could have done this?

Detectives! You’re under cover in the north pole! It’s the most magical time of the year… but you know what they say? Sometimes, Christmas can be murder. Tensions are running high among stressed elves who really really don’t want to disappoint their magical boss. But when one of these spritely toy makers turns up mysteriously dead its up to you to determine if it was a cold blooded murder… or all done in Elf Defence.
Enjoy some dastardly deeds with a festive twist in the REAL tinsel town.

GETTING BLOOD FROM A ROCK BAND (Rock and Roll/general)
Rock fans! You’re undercover at a gig if the rock band DUVET – the lead singer is a heavy metal valkyrie, the drummer is so stupid he takes a ruler to bed to see how long he sleeps, the bassist is love sick and might quit… if he thought anyone would notice. And the lead guitarist? mysteriously missing…

There’s been a murder… but not to worry! Master detective Sherlock Holmes is on the case. The one snag? The dead body looks a great deal like master detective Sherlock Holmes as well… Clearly something is amiss. And when Holmes can’t be trusted to be who he says he is it’s down to YOU to discover who the killer is.
And it would also be quite helpful if you figured out who was actually dead.

LOVE HURTS (Valentine’s day/romantic)
Love really brings out the best in people. Their caring, nurturing, delicate side… so it makes sense that unrequited love does the opposite!
It’s Valentine’s day, there’s romance in the air! But amid all the soppy cards, calorific chocolate and overpriced roses something terrible has happened! There’s been a murder!

STRICTLY COME KILLING (Strictly Come Dancing/ballroom dance party)
It’s the opening round of this years Strict Ballroom Dancing, the annual reality TV extravaganza that sees all manner of people strut their stuff on the dance floor for the approval of four famous judges.
But tonight the most famous of those four judges is missing… and if the shifty looks on the other three judges is anything to go by she’s not just running late! Looks like the Strictly Curse has struck in a new and unexpected way this year…

Watch events unfold in a professionally performed play and then flex your detective skills and have your chance to interrogate each suspect in turn! Bring a team or come on your own.  Fun, funny, mysterious and a good night for all.

YOU interrogate the suspects.

YOU piece together the clues.

YOU make the accusations.

Can YOU catch the killer?