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Nothing compares to having a team of professionally trained actors perform one of our inimitable murder mysteries live in front of you.

But what if you’re hosting a small party for a few friends in your living room? What if you want to take part in your own murder mystery over Zoom or Skype? What if you live outside of Scotland? Or what if you don’t currently have the budget for one of our murder mystery teams to come to you, but still want to get a taste of the Can You Catch the Killer experience?

Our play at home downloadable party kits might be just what you’re looking for.

Note: This is a downloable ZIP file party kit, not a physical boxed murder mystery. Your party kit will be provided in the form of a download, and no products will be sent via the post.

Play at Home Murder Mystery Party Kits

You might never have hosted a murder mystery before, but don’t panic! Our party kit takes you through the process step by step, so we’ll be with you all the way to make sure your mystery is an event to remember!

The box for our cluedo themed murder mystery party kit

What's in the Kit?

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These will take you step by step through all you have to do ahead of your murder mystery party.


To be sent (digitally or in the post) to each person you’re inviting to your party before the big day. They’ll provide background for the character they are playing, costume suggestions, and all the information they need ahead of the party.


There is one game pack for each guest at the party. These will tell you and your guests what to say and do as the mystery unfolds.


Also included are answer sheets for each of your guests to write down their accusation and attempt to catch the killer, as well as printable winning certificates to reward the top sleuth at your party.

Murder mystert party kit player packs

The Day of the Party

There are five main parts to your murder mystery party:

Murder mystery party kit introductions logo


Your guests will introduce themselves in character and talk with other characters at your party using scripted dialogue included in their game pack. It’s all about fun and over the top performances.

Murder mystery party kit expirations logo


Suddenly there will be an unexpected murder! And everyone at the party is a suspect.

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Each of your guests will spend a set amount of time on The Hotseat. Here they will be asked questions by the other guests to try and determine if they are the killer. Your guests will answer the questions using the background information in their game pack.

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Each person at the party, including the host, will get a chance to accuse a suspect and give their reasons why they think they have caught the killer!

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Finally, the soultion will be revealed. This is when you see if any of your guests were savvy enough to catch the killer, when you reward the winners, and when you gently mock the losers.

Murder mystery party kit unknown killer


Not even the killer themselves knows whether they are guilty or not, so EVERYONE gets a chance to get the full murder mystery experience and crack the case.


Currently we have only one play at home Murder Mystery party kit theme – the Cluedo Parody mystery “Murder at Monsieur Midnight’s Mansion.” Click on the button below to go to our store and purchase your downloadable copy now.

We will be adding new party kits in the future. Check back regularly to be sure not to miss the newest mysteries.

Hosting a larger event and need some live actors?

If a small party kit isn’t what you had in mind, visit our main page to find out about Can You Catch the Killer and all the ways we can make your event unforgettable.
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