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The guests are gathered…

Sitting at tables of about ten they drink a glass or two of finest port, brandy, even champagne if they are feeling fancy! There’s a sense of mystery in the air; a palpable sense of fun mixed with impending doom.  Suddenly an unusual character bursts into the room. An army general? A wandering wizard? A hardboiled noir private eye? Whoever it may be they seize the attention of the assembled guests and introduce themselves as their host. Over the next fifteen to twenty minutes the host and the rest of the suspects perform an opening act filled with intrigue, tantalising plot, scintillating humour and – most importantly – groan worthy, facepalm inspiring puns. Then the door flies open. Any Taggart fan knows what comes next.
There’s been a murder.
It’s up to the guests, these assembled detectives, to figure out whodunnit!


Every murder mystery has 4 parts...

Part 1


Our cast perform an opening act at the end of which a murder is discovered!

Part 2


Each team interrogates each suspect to try to determine WHO the killer is, WHY they did it and HOW they did it.

Part 3


Our cast read out your accusations so that everyone gets the chance to have their theory heard, no matter how bizarre!

Part 4


Our cast perform a closing act. The identity of the killer is revealed, and the winning team announced.


Murder Mystery events company Mini Mystery


Mini mysteries are between 40 to 60 minutes long. These mysteries are a race against the clock. All the thrills of Can You Catch the Killer... but at breakneck pace!

Murder Mystery events company Large Scale


For big events of over 100 guests where each team interrogating each suspect would be impractical, you can GO LARGE with group questioning.


Any of our murder mysteries can be performed digitally for up to a maximum of 70 screens. Bring together audiences from anywhere in the world without anyone needing to travel.

Murder Mystery technical requirements actor

Any space

provided there is room for the players and room for us to move around between them, you've got enough space!

Any Lighting

We don't need blackouts or different lighting states, so we can perform for you whether you have a rig or not!

PA included

We come with our own PA, so don't worry if your venue doesn't have one. We can also come equipped with mics if you think we'll need them!


Suitable for all

Age 10+ recommended

No innapropriate language

Our shows are always suitable for all, and there’s something in there for everyone. Children under 10 may struggle a little to crack complex cases. There is no inappropriate language. Plots may include references to drinking, smoking, affairs and (of course) murder. These are never explict or distateful.


Secure room

Private space to change

Extra chair at each table

We don’t require much at your venue, just a secure dressing room where our cast can change, safely store their belongings and be out of sight of the audience when they aren’t performing.
An extra chair at each table is also helpful during interrogations.

The runtime of a show will vary depending on factors like how many guests are there, whether you are having a meal, how many courses there are and your prowess as detectives! As a general rule of thumb though a murder mystery generally lasts from one and a half to two and half hours. You can also take the mini mystery option if you have limited time.

Every event is different! But we always make sure our prices are competitive. Email us now and we can talk about the specifics of your event and get you the best price for a Can You Catch the Killer murder mystery.

The box for our cluedo themed murder mystery party kit

Hosting a small event in your living room or online?

If you’re looking for a self hosted party for between 4 to 8 guests, our play at home downloadable murder mystery party kits mights be just what you’re after.

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