General information

The guests are gathered…

Sitting at tables of about ten they drink a glass or two of finest port, brandy, even champagne if they are feeling fancy! There’s a sense of mystery in the air; a palpable sense of fun mixed with
impending doom.
Suddenly an unusual character bursts into the room. An army general? A wandering wizard? A hardboiled noir private eye? Whoever it may be they seize the attention of the assembled guests and
introduce themselves as their host. Over the next fifteen to twenty minutes the host and the rest of the suspects perform an opening act filled with intrigue, tantalising plot, scintillating humour and – most
importantly – groan worthy, facepalm inspiring puns.
Then the door flies open. Any Taggart fan knows what comes next.
There’s been a murder.

And it’s up to the guests, these assembled detectives, to figure out whodunnit!


Can you Catch the Killer brings high quality professional murder mystery events to venues across Scotland. Our policy is to provide high-quality murder mystery evenings with trained, professional actors (our core cast includes Karen Bartke of Scot Squad, John Love of Outlander and regular Ayr Gaiety panto star Kenny Boyle) and well written, intricate scripts from award winning writers. We always strive to be a step above and beyond your run of the mill murder mystery company and the audiences we perform to would agree. Our mysteries can fit any venue and we play in theatres, hotels, and in rural venues whose access to professional theatre would otherwise be limited.

Fun, funny and deliciously brain teasing, Can You Catch the Killer mixes live game play with a high quality theatrical performance.


Our mysteries work to a three act structure. At your event, the first act will be played out by our cast: it will be a tongue in cheek, comedy affair with plenty of jokes and a very strong script. By the end of the first act a murder will be discovered.
The second act is interrogation, where the players in teams will get to interrogate each of the suspects to determine WHO the killer is, WHY they did it and HOW they did it.
In the third act, also acted out by our cast, we’ll reveal the solution and the team who gets the answer correct, or closest to correct, is presented with their certificate.
We can also perform as part of a KILLER DINNER murder mystery meal. In this instance we can perform act one before the starter, the interrogation before the main course, and the final act before dessert however the format is flexible.
We prefer to perform cabaret style with our actors moving amongst the players who will be at a number of tables. We
suggest tables of no more than 8 to 10 players with no more than two teams at any one table.
Although we have found that a cabaret style layout works best for these events we are able to adapt to any space.
The performance time is approximately 2 hours – this may vary dependent upon the number of teams attending, each of whom require time to interrogate the suspects.

In the event of a KILLER DINNER Murder Mystery Meal our performance time will vary depending on serving times and how long it takes the audience to eat each course


We can fit our events into any space, provided there is room for the players and room for us to move around between them. All we require is a place to change and to safely store our belongings. We provide our own PA system , costumes and everything else required for the show.

We don’t have any ideal lighting states due to the flexible nature of our events, however if you do have a lighting rig in the space it is often preferable to use them rather than house lights as it
creates a more engaging atmosphere. We don’t require any lighting changes. If you do have a lighting rig then please feel free to arrange it in whatever appropriately mysterious tone you desire.

Players are encouraged to make the most of any bar facilities you might have and we have no problem with people drinking or there being a bar present in the room of our performance.



Our shows are always suitable for all, and we ensure that we have something in there for every age group. After all – enjoying a good night out is universal! We’ve performed for audience members ranging from children of 4 all the way up to a 96 year old lady, who was one of the most tenacious detectives we’ve ever been interrogated by! For maximum enjoyment of the mystery children typically ought to be about 12. Younger children are welcome but may find the performance difficult due to the problem solving aspect involved. There is nothing in the script unsuitable for children save for possibly dialogue about murder, alcohol and smoking though none of this is seen, just mentioned. Our events are likely to include descriptions of murders though they are never explicit or distasteful and exist only to provide clues to the players. There is no inappropriate language.