Discovery Mysteries


In a small crime solving group of master sleuths hoping to prove your deductive skills once and for all.
You are greeted by an outlandishly unusual figure, be they a snooty butler; a Frankenstein’s monster doorman; a secret agent who’s cover has been blown and needs help; or something entirely different the message they have to deliver is the same. Someone has been murdered today. And the suspects are all hidden nearby. Can you find them? Can you interrogate them successfully? Can you do it more quickly than any of the other teams of detectives? And most importantly: Can YOU catch the killer?



Our discovery mysteries bring an even more visceral sense of gameplay to our events and are perfect for very large audiences and for showing off a particularly interesting venue. The structure of a discovery mystery is as follows:

The guests arrive at a predesignated start time. They are given a clue sheet and answer sheet and a pen for their team. Once every member of a start wave is assembled they are ushered into their first encounter with one of our actors who will introduce them to the scenario, let them know who is dead, and tell them how many suspects are hidden nearby. This opening monologue, whilst filled with useful information, will also be delivered with the tongue in cheek charm and humour that Can You Catch the Killer is known for. After that the detectives are let loose to find the suspects following whatever route they please.

They can interrogate a suspect once they’ve found them for as long as they like, ask any questions they want, and really delve deep. They can also come back to the same suspect as many times as they like. What makes things difficult is they will almost certainly not have the suspect to themselves! Other detectives are likely to be nearby and it’s vital not to ask questions in such a way that you might unwittingly tip off other teams as to what you have already discovered.

The solution comes in three parts. Who the killer was, how they did it and why they did it. Once a team of detectives has each of these things written down they make their way to the end point to hand their report into the police commissioner. The commissioner will take a note of their finish time and how many of the three parts of the solution they got correct. He or she will also put the team’s name on the leader board if they’ve earned a spot.

The detectives will then be given an envelope containing the full solution to put them out of their misery if they are still scratching their heads! Then they will be free to go on their way.

Ultimately the winning team will be the ones who got all three parts of the solution and did it in the fastest time. Typically we announce the winner at the end of the event and on social media. If there is a prize to be awarded then teams will have to leave an email address to receive it. Usually it’s easiest if the prize is a voucher or offer of some sort that can be delivered by email or post. (It’s worth noting that if the prize is particualrly valuable then the solution shouldn’t be given in an envelope to teams when they finish as early teams could tell later teams the answer. In this instance it would be best to reveal the solution via email once all teams have finished)

Prizes would be provided by the venue, not by us, but are by no means compulsary.


Site visits for discovery mysteries are absolutely essential and the number of suspects and the cost will depend on the scale of your event.



Want all the active fun of a Discovery mystery but with small numbers? We offer a hybrid style mystery where your audience (up to 50 people) have all of the suspects perform an opening act for them, exactly as they would in a standard Can You Catch the Killer murder mystery, and then once the murder is discovered the suspects scatter around your chosen venue leaving the guests to find them and interrogate them before the time limit (usually an hour) elapses. Once the hour is complete all of the guests reconvene and the suspects perform a closing act where they reveal who the killer was. This allows for the high octane search and interrogate fun of a Discovery mystery and also the intimate performance style of a standard Can You Catch the Killer murder mystery and is an ideal choice for smaller groups.




SMALL SCALE DISCOVERY MYSTERY: Includes performed opening and closing act. All guests start at once.


UP TO 240 DETECTIVES: with 20 starting every 10 minutes


UP TO 480 DETECTIVES: with 20 starting every 10 minutes


UP TO 600 DETECTIVES: with 20 starting every 10 minutes



The average play time for each team is typically about one hour. Play time for a small scale Discovery mystery is typically about two hours due to the performed opening and closing act.

For number up to 1200 detectives consider an afternoon session and an evening session with a break in between for actors to recuperate. Please contact us if you want further details on very large scale events like these.


The number of actors depends on the scale of the event and how much of an area you want us to cover. Below is a guideline of what usually happens but this is flexible.

SMALL SCALE – 4 actors

UP TO 240 – 4 suspects, one greeter actor, police commissioner. (2 admin staff)

UP TO 480 – 5 suspects, one greeter actor, police commissioner (3 admin staff)

UP TO 600 – 5 suspects, one greeter actor, police commissioner (3 admin staff)

Should your venue have staff or volunteers that could do the job of admin staff such as assembling teams into start waves on arrival, handing out clue packs at the start or answer packs at the end, and keeping the leader board up to date we would be happy for you to use them and we would guide them in what was required of them before the event started. Using your own admin staff would of course result in a discounted rate as we would have fewer staff to pay.



The exact fee for each of these events may vary depending on factors such as travel time, whether overnight accommodation is required or other considerations such as whether a ferry or toll road stands between us and the venue. If a Discovery mystery spans a massive area – city wide for example – meaning teams will take more time to complete the event (adding to the actors running time) this will also be reflected in the cost.


SMALL SCALE DISCOVERY MYSTERY – prices start from only £625
UP TO 240 DISCOVERY MYSTERY (With admin staff) – prices start from only £1250
UP TO 240 DISCOVERY MYSTERY (venue supply admin) – Prices start from only £1100
UP TO 480 DISCOVERY MYSTERY (with admin staff) – Prices start from only £1550
UP TO 480 DISCOVERY MYSTERY (venue supply admin) – Prices start from only £1350
UP TO 600 DISCOVERY MYSTERY (With admin staff)  – Prices start from only £1875
UP TO 600 DISCOVERY MYSTERY (venue supply admin) – Prices start from only £1550