The interactive murder mystery game where it’s up to YOU to prove your worth as a detective by solving a heinous killing.

We specialise in offering the ideal mystery for your event or venue.





Can you Catch the Killer? brings high quality professional murder mystery events to venues across Scotland. Our policy is to provide high-quality murder mystery evenings with trained, professional actors and well written, intricate scripts from award winning writers. We always strive to be a step above and beyond your run of the mill murder mystery company and the audiences we perform to would agree. Our mysteries can fit any venue and we play in theatres, hotels, stately houses, castles, and in rural venues whose access to professional theatre would otherwise be limited.


Fun, funny and deliciously brain teasing, Can You Catch the Killer? mixes live game play with a high quality theatrical performance.


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What we offer

We offer a range of different styles to suit your venue or event

Killer Dinner

Absolutley any of our “Can you Catch the Killer?” scripts can also be performed as a Killer Dinner where we operate the evening around a meal or dinner served by the venue.
Perfect for those that want to make a real night of it.

Can You Catch the Killer?

Our standard “Can You Catch the Killer?” performance – good for any venue or ocassion.

Watch as our professionally trained cast of suspects perform a high quality script and then get your opportunity to interrogate each of them in turn in a team to try to determine who the killer was, why they did it and how.

Exploration Mystery

The suspects are hidden around your venue and the guests must find and interrogate them.
The perfect way to show off the interesting and exciting elements of your location, we have performed these events in museums, theatres and anywhere that encourages players to wander freely. These add a tantalising extra element to game play. Will the killer slip through your grasp?

Hen Parties

Make your hen party really special by hiring one of our mysteries to come out to your booked venue. Our events are always memorable and are a unique way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials!

Coporate events

We can be hired to provide entertainment for your corporate event or teambuilding activity day. There’s nothing better than testing your greymatter and solving a mystery together to really create a strong team!

Wizard School mystery party

Our most popular Murder Mystery event, hire us to bring a parody boy wizard themed murder mystery to your booked venue. There’s been a murder at Wizard School… but who could have done it?



A full list of all our current themes can be found HERE 
Below is an overview of what you can expect!

From Classic…

We offer a huge range of themes, so we always have something that’s right for your event. Popular choices are scripts that offer exactly what you would expect from a murder mystery – Cluedo style, lavishly dressed Victorians or perhaps something along the lines of Sherlock Holmes or Midsomer Murders. These themes are perfect if you’re having an event in a stately house or castle and want something suitably posh.

…to unexpected

We also offer events with a bit of a twist. If you’re after a cowboy themed murder mystery; we’ve got you covered. James Bond fan? We’ve got mysteries that you’re going to love. Want to solve a murder on the high seas? We’ve got pirate themed murder mysteries that will make you laugh so hard you’ll wind up in Davy Jones’ Locker.


What if we don’t have the exact script that you had been hoping for? Then we’ll create it for you. We offer a fully customisable bespoke service that will work around your themes, your venue, your occassion and your guests. We’ll work with you all the way and give you the perfect script for your perfect event.


We’ve also got mysteries that are tailored to your favourite time of year. If you’re looking to arrange something special for a Valentine’s day celebration then we’ve got mysteries ready to go (what could be more romantic than solving a crime together?) We love Halloween and our special ghoulish murder mysteries are a great addition to any Halloween party. We’ve got mysteries for Easter, April Fool’s day, Midsummer and Burn’s Night.

Suitable for all

Frequently we find that our most devious mysteries are solved by the very youngest players at our events. Maybe it’s their sharp young minds… maybe it’s because they are the only ones not drinking. Our mysteries are suitable for all ages and don’t contain any bad language. By necessity of course we will be describing scenes of murder and the plot may sometimes include drinking, smoking, gambling or affairs. Such things are only ever spoken of, never shown and never described graphically or upsettingly.

Join in

Would you like to attend one of our events as a player? We always have mysteries on the horizon and there are a number of venues around Scotland where you can get a taste of “Can you Catch the Killer?”
For all the latest information on where our motley band of travelling murderers are headed next the best place to look is our facebook or twitter feeds which can be found in the “connect with us” section below.

Happy Customers

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“Another great night! 3rd in a row! Need more nights would recommend to all. Actors are brilliant”

Team Seaside Sleuths in Ayr

“Very relaxed, interactive and fun evening. Looking forward to more.”

Auchinleck audience member